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Scottsdale Recovery Center invites you to our premier Arizona drug and alcohol treatment centers for recovery planning and addiction treatment. If you show signs of drug or alcohol dependence, you need to consider joining our rehab today.

What rehab treatments do you offer?

We offer inpatient services, PHP, IOP, and Alumni, and aftercare. Our programs also include telehealth services for patients in need of prolonged psychiatric or psychological assistance post-rehab.

Do you offer medical detox?

No, but we do provide people with referrals. We assess each patient’s health status upon arrival and determine the adequate treatment approach for a smooth recovery experience. If the patient’s condition requires detox, we refer them to some of our partners for extensive and controlled detoxification in a safe and comfortable setting.

What is dual diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis refers to psychiatric disorders and substance abuse disorders affecting an individual at the same time. Studies show that most patients struggling with addiction also suffer from one or more mental health issues. These problems may include severe anxiety, PTSD, depression, suicidal tendencies, internalized emotional traumas, bipolar disorder, etc.

Do you offer dual diagnosis treatment?

Yes, we do. We screen all our patients upon arriving at our luxury drug rehab center, allowing our experts to create personalized maps for each individual. This approach allows us to identify and target co-occurring disorders that may impact the patient’s ability to overcome their harmful behaviors and defeat addiction.

What is the Native American addiction program?

It is a program that we have designed to cope with Native Americans’ unique physiological problems. Studies show that Native Americans are more prone to conditions like diabetes and kidney failure, among other conditions. These often relate to addiction-related conditions, making them more vulnerable to substance abuse disorders. Our program accommodates their unique needs and provides patients with a conducive recovery environment for a smooth healing experience.

Is the rehab treatment painful?

The luxury alcohol rehab program will involve some form of physiological discomfort. It’s a natural part of the rehabilitation process due to the physical addiction’s profile. The discomfort level will vary depending on the substance you’re using, addiction length and severity, and other factors. The difference is that our drug and alcohol treatment centers will provide you with all the tools necessary to minimize this discomfort. Our overarching goal is to diminish your pain and physical and mental discomfort during detox and provide you with a smooth rehabilitation experience.

Will rehab treatment help me overcome addiction?

Yes, so long as you are determined to reach your goals. In reality, the treatment’s success depends largely on your determination and perseverance. As a luxury addict, you need to fight for your freedom with all your strength and energy, and results will follow shortly.

If you’re ready for rehab and wish to know more about our Arizona drug and alcohol treatment centers, call us today at 602-346-9242! Scottsdale Recovery Center invites you to a liberating journey towards a lifetime of sobriety and personal accomplishments.

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