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Obesity is significantly increasing, and so are the number of weight loss related surgeries being done each year. Lap band is a weight loss surgery that has become popular due to its effectiveness, safety, and least invasive procedure. However, deciding to perform a lap band surgery is one part; choosing the right surgeon for the procedure is another.

Consulting with a surgeon before deciding to have a lap band surgery is an important part of the decision process and vital for having a safe surgical experience. Though consultation can sometimes be intimidating with so many questions to asks. We round up top questions to ask during a consultation.

What is Your Experience?

When it comes to lap band surgery, the experience is very important. However, experience doesn’t necessarily mean a surgeon that has performed numerous surgeries. You want to find a surgeon with lots of experience performing lap band surgeries, but also highly skilled. Besides, you may also want to ask how many surgeries the surgeons perform each day. 

You want to make sure your surgeon is experienced in the procedure but doesn’t overkill their process, which limits readiness and focus. At Dr. Feiz & Associates, we have refined our technique, create quality resources, and will continue to be around to support you after surgery. 

What does the clinic offer before and after surgery?

Weight loss surgery is not an act but a journey. Patients that successfully undergo weight loss surgery changes habits and try to learn how to keep the weight off. An experienced surgeon knows that success is not just a result of their skills on the operating table. At Dr. Feiz & Associates, we are truly concerned with your health. You should feel comfortable telling your surgeon or dietitian what you consume. And they should be a good listener and provide after surgery advice and support.  

How can lap band affect other health issues I may have? 

Lap band surgery has shown positive effects on obesity-related health issues that several obese people face, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. However, ensure you let your health practitioner know about your current health status so that they can tell you how the lap band surgery exclusively affects you and also let you know things you need to do before the surgery. 

What type of follow-up care will be received after the lap band surgery?

Here at Dr. Feiz & Associates, we believe that the lap band follows care is essential to having a great lap band surgery experience. Several weight loss clinics that perform lap band Los Angeles send their patients away after the lap band surgery to figures everything out on their own, but here at Dr. Feiz & Associates, we provide a program to make sure you lose weight and keep doing it for the long-term.

Lose Weight with Dr. Feiz & Associates

If you are interested in lap band Los Angeles, and you would like to ask questions, please contact Dr. Feiz & Associates today to start the conversation.




Lap Band Los Ángeles

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Lap Band Los Ángeles

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