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Nursing Homes Salt Lake City

It is very nervewracking to think about living in a nursing home, even temporarily. The team at Highland Care Center understands your worries and wants to help alleviate them. Our highly trained staff operates one of the finest nursing homes in Salt Lake City for short term care.

Short term nursing home care

A short term stay in a nursing home is not a concept that the general public is familiar with. Most people think of nursing homes as a place older persons move into permanently. While that is the classic and most common version, there are short term nursing homes as well. Another name used for these homes is skilled nursing facilities.

In these homes, a person stays for a short amount of time to get some help before returning to their own home. Short term stays are ideal for patients who are not ready to return home but are no longer in need of the hospital. After working on needed skills at these nursing facilities, a patient can transition back into independent living at home.

Conditions treated at short term nursing facilities

Short term nursing homes offer patients help to recover from an assortment of conditions. Some examples of those conditions are:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Broken bones
  • Surgery
  • Wound care
  • IV meds

In all cases, the need for nursing help is temporary. After working on skills at the facility, patients can return home and resume their life.

Skills taught in short term nursing homes

As mentioned earlier, people seek care in these short term facilities for multiple different reasons. There are several skills a person can learn during their stay at these homes. It all depends on why they sought care.

Skilled nursing facilities employ a variety of specialists that help patients with needed skills. Occupational therapists help any patients who need to learn new ways to do everyday activities or help those who need to relearn daily skills. Physical therapists help those with motor skills and activities like walking. PT focuses on body movement. Speech therapists, oh the other hand, work with anyone suffering deficits in their language skills. Whatever skills the person needs to relearn, the skilled nursing facility will provide the required specialists.

Our short term nursing homes in Salt Lake City employs a full complement of specialists on our team. We are set to assist you with whatever you need to work on, so you can return to independent living in your own home. 

How can you pay for a short term nursing home?

For anyone enrolled in Medicare, a portion of your stay is part of your coverage. Your coverage applies to stays up to 100 days. Beyond that, check with your particular plan or supplemental coverage. For non-Medicare patients, check with your carrier to see what their requirements are for skilled nursing coverage. Lots of major carriers do allow for stays, but there are countless variations on coverage levels.

The team at Highland Care Center wants to help you during this final stage of your recovery! Contact our care team today and learn more about our short term nursing homes in Salt Lake City.

Nursing Homes Salt Lake City

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Nursing Homes Salt Lake City

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