By taking a little time, in the comfort of your home, and filling out Patient Registration Forms on our web site you will save time at the office and help us be better prepared for your visit by assuring that we have all of your correct information when you arrive.

No information is being collected from your computer to be sold or distributed for any purpose.

Be sure to bring Proof of Insurance and a valid Drivers License or Picture ID to the office with you. Bring all your questions also.

Thank you for your assistance. We’ll see you at the office.

- Dr. Feiz & Associates

Save time on your first office visit.
Click here for the Online Patient Registration

When the Keyhole Portal dialog box appears, click “Save File”.

Click “Run” when prompted.

When the Raintree Client page appears, click “New Patient”.

Fill out all of the information.

Make a User Name and Password- you may want to come back to this after surgery to fill out the post-op information.

Click “Register”

You are now ready for your appointment.

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