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Banda de vuelta

Here at Dr. Feiz & Associates, we offer cutting-edge procedures like the Banda de vuelta. With the Lap Band, patients can enjoy a powerful weight loss solution that is relatively non-invasive and reversible. Here’s how it works…

First, our talented surgeons make a single incision to your abdomen. To do this, we use our advanced STARR treatment, which involves housing all the necessary instruments inside a single thin metal tube. Once we insert the tube inside the abdomen, the instruments inside fold out like a miniature umbrella.  We use this array of incredibly small instruments to fit a plastic adjustable band around the upper portion of your stomach. That Banda de vuelta can be injected through a port with saline solution, causing it to tighten and alter the shape of your stomach (without any cutting). The stomach forms into the shape of an hour glass, allowing food to flow much more slowly into the lower stomach and intestines (just like sand filtering slowly through an hour glass). The result is that you get full much sooner, and that feeling of fullness lasts longer, enabling you to go longer between meals.

With our STARR Treatment, you will enjoy minimal scarring (a scar around the size of a freckle or a grain of rice). People will likely have no idea you ever got surgery, unless you choose to tell them. And the weight loss will be substantial. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about our state-of-the-art Banda de vuelta procedure…

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