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If you are considering bariatric surgery to lose weight and regain your health, contact Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. and his skilled team at Dr. Feiz and Associates. We have years of experience helping severely obese people recover their health and their happiness with minimally-invasive bariatric procedures including Lap Band, gastric sleeve, and even Lap Band revision surgery.

Dr. Feiz will consult with you on the best procedure for you regarding such issues as the relative benefits of Lap Band vs. sleeve procedures, which both have enormous potential benefits for patients. However, Dr. Feiz understands that all bodies are different, which means that each weight loss journey is an individual process that requires informed consideration of all your options. Some patients see incredible success with Lap Band, while others find gastric sleeve to be more effective. In fact, if your Lap Band procedure does not help you lose all the weight you want, or who suffer complications with Lap Band procedures, Dr. Feiz offers Lap Band revision to remove the band and create a permanently smaller stomach through sleeve gastrectomy.

Many patients who undergo band to sleeve revision find that they feel not only physically satisfied, but emotionally satisfied with smaller, healthier meals. This is because gastric sleeve surgery removes the part of the stomach which is largely responsible for the production of the hormone ghrelin, aka the “hunger hormone.” This hormone is supposed to signal the brain when you are hungry, and then go away when you are full, but this is not the case for many patients. By removing ghrelin, you may also remove cravings for junk food or the emotional feeling of being hungry, which can help you lose weight and keep it off.

Whether you are considering a bariatric surgery procedure for the very first time, or you need Lap Band revision surgery, Dr. Feiz is here to answer your questions.

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