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One of the trickiest aspects of weight loss surgery for many patients is the magnitude of the surgery and the duration of the recovery time. The team at Dr. Feiz and Associates knows that these are two of the biggest factors on their patients’ minds, and they’ve made it their goal to minimize the impact of these issues. And one of the most effective ways of reducing the impact of a weight loss surgery and the duration of recovery time is to make fewer or smaller incisions.

That’s why Dr. Feiz, in many cases, is able to reduce the amount and size of the incisions. Regardless of the surgery, Lap Band vs. sleeve or any other weight loss operation, patients of Dr. Feiz can be certain that he is aiming to burden them with the least amount of physical discomfort and the briefest possible recovery time.

Dr. Feiz can also help with Lap Band revision surgery and all of the issues surrounding it. Dr. Feiz knows that lap band surgery doesn’t always go exactly according to plan, and he can help to correct mistakes that other doctors have made. One of these corrections is lap band to sleeve surgery, which can help patients to relieve their acute discomfort from lap band surgery, while maintaining their weight loss results.

Dr. Feiz and his friendly and professional team look forward to hearing from you; it might just be the most important phone call or e-mail of your life. You are worth the effort!

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