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You’ve changed your diet. You follow an exercise routine. But you’re still having a hard time losing the weight your doctor recommends. Is it time to consider bariatric surgery? And which is better -- deciding betweeen Lap Band vs. sleeve surgery is never a simple matter.

Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., and his team have worked with many patients just like you. For many people who have been diagnosed as obese, simply making lifestyle changes is not enough. Dr. Feiz and Associates are trained in lap band procedures, gastric sleeve surgery, and even band to sleeve conversion. Not only does Dr. Feiz have years of experience helping patients successfully lose weight, his skills help reduce recovery time and scarring after surgery.

Dr. Feiz often discusses the pros and cons of different types of bariatric surgery, as well as the possibility of Lap Band revision surgery. While many patients initially choose Lap Band surgery, this reversible procedure may not do enough to help obese patients lose weight and keep it off. The band restricts the stomach, creating a smaller area for food. This means a patient will feel physically full after eating smaller meals, but many weight loss patients find that physical fullness is not enough. Gastric sleeve surgery permanently reduces the size of the stomach, which many patients find much more helpful in long-term weight loss. By removing part of the stomach, not only do patients feel full after eating less, but the area which produces the “hungry hormone” ghrelin is removed – without ghrelin, you feel emotionally and mentally satisfied after smaller meals, as well as physically satiated.

Dr. Feiz’s laparoscopic skills reduce your recovery time after surgery, allowing you to enjoy your new weight loss journey sooner. And, with less scarring after the procedure, no one will know during bathing suit season! Contact Dr. Feiz and Associates today to see how their talent and experience can help you.

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