For individuals suffering with severe obesity, the future often looks grim. Severely obese people have a lifespan that is drastically lower than their peers of a normal weight on average, and suffer from daily difficulties and health concerns that significantly lower their quality of life. In addition, they are at a much higher risk of succumbing to a major, life threatening health risk such as heart attack, stroke, or diabetes. The only way for an individual in this circumstance to improve their health is to approach a normal weight, but doing so is nearly impossible through normal means such as diet and exercise. Fortunately, our highly trained team here at Dr. Feiz and Associates is dedicated toward providing solutions and a way out which includes Lap Band revision surgery and other high quality weight loss options.

Diet and exercise almost always fail for patients suffering from severe obesity; it’s simply too difficult to lose the scores of pounds one must lose in order to reach a healthy weight. Weight loss surgery, on the other hand, is almost always successful, and is able to offer long term results that last. These results are consistent and endorsed by medical experts, and results that we stand by here at Dr. Feiz and Associates. If you’re ready to see what one of these procedures can do for you, or are simply looking for more information, including the difference between a Lap Band vs. sleeve operation, contact our team today. Our procedures, including our band to sleeve operation for patients who have had less than stellar results with their banding procedure, are all specifically designed to yield outstanding results and improve your health.

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