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Obesity & Covid-19 Hospitalization: The Life-Saving Potential of Surgical Weight Loss

Severe cases of Coronavirus are frequently linked to pre-existing conditions, yet it is becoming increasingly obvious that obesity alone raises one’s risk of hospitalization.

Beverly Hills, CA. May 8, 2020 - In light of recent studies which demonstrate the impact of obesity on one’s risk of coronavirus-related hospitalization, Dr. Michael Feiz suggests that weight loss surgery may protect obese patients in the coming year.

Obesity can increase one’s risk of developing a number of pre-existing conditions that would make one more susceptible to a severe reaction to the virus, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Yet new studies suggest that even without other ailments, obese individuals make up a large portion of those hospitalized and dying from the disease. One such study, by researchers NYU Grossman School of Medicine and NYU Langone Health found obesity to be the biggest predictor of severe Covid-19 cases after old age (April 2020, Petrilli, MD, et al).

For a number of years, studies have noted the correlation between obesity and decreased immune efficiency, even charted the inhibition of the body’s response to influenza in severely overweight patients. Despite this, the number of obese patients hospitalized with Coronavirus is incredibly shocking - nearly 50% in a recent CDC report. One explanation jumps forth immediately – the correlation “is not surprising given the impact of obesity on pulmonary function,” write the authors of Obesity and its Implications for COVID‐19 Mortality (Dietz & Santos‐Burgoa, 2020).

Dr. Feiz believes that, in addition to the numerous other health benefits that accompany weight loss surgery, it may also help patients to better fight the Covid-19 virus, and minimize the risk of hospitalization, especially in the event that multiple waves of the disease strike our country in the coming year or more. He tells us, “Not many things are clear yet about COVID-19, but the thing that physicians around the world have agreed upon is that high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity are the leading prognosticators of a poor outcome for those infected with COVID-19. The only thing that has consistently been proven to cure Type 2 diabetes and improve hypertension is weight-loss surgery. More than ever before weight-loss surgery can be life-saving.”

In light of the numerous studies linking high BMIs to severe coronavirus cases, there may be no better time than today for those struggling with obesity to consider surgical weight loss from a reputable surgeon, at a sterile facility.

Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a world-class bariatric surgeon based in Beverly Hills, California. He has pioneered improved weight loss surgeries and has performed countless successful gastric sleeves and other beneficial weight loss procedures. His offices have responded to this pandemic by hosting online seminars & conducting video consultations to help those who struggle with weight loss to begin their journey to a healthier life, even in the midst of current restrictions.


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