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A New Life and a New Body

Being severely obese isn't easy anywhere, but it can be especially alienating in Southern California, an area associated around the world with physical beauty and health consciousness. Fortunately, Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., is here to help severely obese people reclaim their physical health and shake off the social stigma of obesity with an approach that has made him the doctor for a gastric sleeve or lap band Los Angeles residents turn to first.

Dr. Feiz is widely renowned as one of the nation's finest bariatric procedures. He has been praised by medical observers for his outstanding skill, which makes him an ideal doctor for the most complex procedures, including those that convert band to sleeve. Patients also praise him and his compassionate staff for their ability to sensitively discuss the often difficult issues brought up by weight issues and bariatric surgery. They understand that change can be intimidating for any of us, and that the prospect of a new body and a better life may be exciting but it can also be daunting.

Fortunately, the staff of Dr. Feiz and Associates is there to help wherever patients are. Whether you obtain a lap band or sleeve gastrectomy in Lancaster, Beverly Hills, or anywhere in Southern California, you can depend on a friendly and professional medical team who are there to help you adjust at all stages of the weight loss process.

If you are seriously interested in learning about how you can obtain a new body and a new life through weight loss surgery, your next step should be to contact the offices of Dr. Feiz and Associates. Free seminars are conducted on a regular basis.

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