At Dr. Feiz and Associates, sleeve gastrectomy surgery has had an enormously positive impact on the lives of countless patients. While many still choose to opt for the Lap Band procedure, the dependability of the sleeve operation is making it the first choice for many.

Also known as a gastric sleeve, the procedure is so named because it results in a sleeve-like shape for the stomach. Before that happens, however, approximately 75 to 85 percent of the stomach will be removed. The result is highly effective for more reason than one. First, simply shrinking the stomach reduces the appetite and makes eating excessively large amounts of food extremely uncomfortable. Moreover, it also appears to remove a section of the stomach responsible for the production of a hormone called ghrelin. Ghrelin is believed to be associated with the feelings of continual appetite and hunger which makes sustaining a weight loss so difficult for most people.

Whether a patient starts out with a Lap Band or a sleeve procedure, they should be aware that more options are available should the desired results not be obtained. Individuals who have had an unsuccessful lap band operation from other surgeons often find themselves achieving outstanding results from renowned weight loss physician Dr. Michael Feiz via a Lap Band to sleeve gastrectomy operation.

A sleeve gastrectomy is a simple operation that is known to be extremely effective. It is also far less invasive than earlier procedures such as the gastric bypass. For those considering the pluses and minuses of Lap Band vs. sleeve gastrectomy, it might be useful to know that the procedure is not reversible like banded procedures. It is, however, unlike the gastric bypass in that food is digested in the normal way. That means patients can enjoy the full range of food, just a lot less of it.

Whether you are interested in a Lap Band revision surgery to a gastric sleeve, or just want to understand the full range of bariatric surgery choices that are available, Dr. Feiz and his team would be delighted to hear from you.

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