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One of the biggest problems with weight loss surgery is that it can be physically invasive. Dr. Feiz and his Associates know that the less invasive the weight loss surgery, the better. That’s one reason they’ve been working on some new twists on the most effective procedures. When it comes to making the decision between the various types of Lap Band vs. sleeve surgeries, patients ought to understand the differences.

A needlescopic surgery, for example, is so leading edge that not all patients are eligible, but some may prefer it because it leaves virtually no visible scaring and involves even less minor discomfort. This variation on a gastric sleeve is different because of the size of the incision. While typical sleeve procedures made by Dr. Feiz involve incisions that may be only 5 millimeters – about the size of a grain of rice – the needlescopic version is only 3 millimeters.

That’s just one example of the highly sophisticated procedures employed by Dr. Feiz. Lap Band revision surgery, which typically converts a banding procedure that is not working out to a highly effective gastric sleeve, is another. This procedure has a very high success rate, but it is also challenging for the doctor. As a leading, board certified bariatric surgeon, Dr. Feiz is among the most highly physicians to perform this procedure.

Whether you are interested in a first time procedure with a Lap Band band to sleeve conversion, the friendly and professional team at Dr. Feiz and Associates look forward to hearing from you. The phone call or e-mail you send to us may be among the most important and productive of your entire life.

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