Achalasia is a condition in which the esophagus has great difficulty pushing food down after it’s swallowed and the lower esophageal sphincter fails to relax to let chewed food into the stomach. People with achalasia often feel like they have something stuck in their throat and are highly prone to regurgitating food because it piles up in the esophagus before passage into the stomach. Aside from the extreme discomfort that is experienced while eating, people with achalasia are usually frustrated and embarrassed by their condition.

Though there is no cure for this rare condition, achalasia surgery in Thousand Oaks can effectively reduce the severity and frequency of symptoms, and allow affected individuals to eat and swallow food more comfortably. In achalasia surgery in Thousand Oaks, the outer layer of muscle that wraps around the lower esophageal sphincter is cut lengthwise in order to loosen it up and allow food to pass through after it’s swallowed. In order to optimize results, each patient who undergoes achalasia surgery in Thousand Oaks with Dr. Feiz receives additional post-op care and guidance from a team of experienced nutritionists and medical specialists. For more information regarding achalasia surgery in Thousand Oaks, please call the offices of Dr. Feiz today.

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