Many patients have come to Dr. Feiz unhappy with their lap band placed by another surgeon. Dr. Feiz' lap band revision surgery can take many different paths. The lap band can be completely removed, surgery can sometimes correct the factors causing aggravation, or (as Dr. Feiz may recommend) it can be removed while the stomach is simultaneously converted into a gastric sleeve. For patients who still want to lose the weight that they originally hoped to lose when they got the lap band, this third option is often the best choice.

After all, you don't have to give up on losing weight. In fact, one reason why some originally choose the lap band vs. gastric sleeve is because it's a non-permanent operation; it gives you the leeway to get this revision procedure later if it doesn't work. This doesn't make it necessarily a positive experience, especially if you were really hoping your lap band would result in dramatic and life-saving weight loss. Regardless, if this has happened to you, Dr. Feiz is capable and qualified to perform the gastric sleeve after lap band conversion procedure.

Dr. Feiz is an expert in the field of bariatric surgery, which is incredibly important for the revision procedure. Because the operation involves two procedures at once (removing the lap band and then converting the stomach into a sleeve) and there is scar tissue, it needs the skills of a talented individual to be successful. Dr. Feiz has specific training in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, using this to successfully perform hundreds of bariatric surgeries.

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