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Dr. Feiz and Associates have noticed that a band to sleeve operation can stimulate additional weight loss for certain patients. Because the portion of the stomach that produces Ghrelin, the hunger stimulating hormone, is removed in a sleeve gastrectomy, a patient will relatively eat less after getting this procedure done.

At times, Dr. Feiz will prefer Lap Band vs. sleeve surgery, but because the sleeve surgery seems to be more beneficial for weight loss, he will recommend this. Of course, it all depends on a patient’s body and needs. The Lap Band should result in a slow and steady rate of weight loss and settle at a final weight 3-4 years after surgery. Patients will see a 40-50% weight loss after 1 year and 55% loss after 5 years. A patient who has the sleeve surgery has a quicker rate of weight loss with an expected average of 55% of excess weight at 2 years.

Patients may have a Lap Band revision surgery for many reasons. Dr. Feiz has seen patients that were unhappy with another doctor’s work because it didn’t result in the amount of weight loss he or she anticipated, or because their body was not accepting the band device. Dr. Feiz will make several determinations about your digestive processes and how your body is responding to the Lap Band. Depending how you eat, and specifically how you swallow, you may not be creating optimal conditions for the Lap Band to work in its current state, and a lap band revision may help. Sometimes an improvement to the Lap Band’s function is relatively easy, as it can be adjusted. Sometimes, however, surgery is necessary to reposition it.

Dr. Feiz will always advise you on what he thinks is best and educate you immeasurably on all options before going forward.

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