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Band to Sleeve Revision Specialist

People who are severely obese can struggle to lose weight and keep it off. This is why Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. founded Dr. Feiz & Associates – he wants to help people fighting to lose significant extra pounds to defeat severe obesity once and for all. If you are frustrated with being severely obese, contact Dr. Feiz & Associates to discuss weight loss surgery options like Lap Band or sleeve gastrectomy in Los Angeles.

Dr. Feiz is one of the leading weight loss surgery specialists in the U.S. He works with the latest technology like laparoscopic devices so that his patients heal quickly, and can begin their new, healthy lives. The two most popular weight loss procedures currently are Lap Bands and gastric sleeves. However, Dr. Feiz is also one of the few weight loss surgeons who can also perform sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band. This procedure removes the Lap Band, then takes out part of the stomach as part of the gastric sleeve procedure. This procedure radically helps patients who struggle with hunger pangs, because it removes the part of the stomach that produces the “hunger hormone,” ghrelin. People who do not receive the desired results from the Lap Band may benefit from sleeve gastrectomy, and Dr. Feiz is glad to discuss this with new patients.

Whether you need a band to sleeve revision for health reasons, or you need questions answered about your weight loss options, Dr. Feiz & Associates is here to help you. Our knowledgeable team will set you up with your first appointment, so you can meet Dr. Feiz and ask him about the procedure that will work best for your health.


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