Some studies have suggested that women are more likely to consider weight loss surgery. While we don't know for certain why or if this is even true (we would speculate that it has something to do with societal pressures on women and perhaps even greater likelihood of shared collective sharing of weight loss stories), the team here at Dr. Feiz and Associates hopes that men don't feel left out from the potential health benefits of a bariatric surgery. Dr. Michael Feiz, leading bariatric surgeon in Los Angeles, Bakersfield, and surrounding areas, has himself effectively treated many men with lap band, sleeve gastrectomy, and lap band revision surgery.

In fact, visitors to Dr. Feiz' website can see many written and video testimonials as well as before and after pictures of men who lost weight through bariatric surgeries. One such video testimonial, by Ray, is a compelling first-person story about weight loss surgery with Dr. Feiz and Associates. Ray, who assessed lap band vs. sleeve gastrectomy and chose the former, lost over 40 pounds at the time of the testimonial. Discussing the lifestyle changes following the lap band, he states that his weight loss has helped him control his diabetes and his appetite; before he would eat whatever he wanted, as fast as he wanted it. Other perks following the surgery have been Ray spending less money when he eats out (because he eats far less) and feeling more at home at the gym.

A touching aside at the end of the video was Ray's relationship with Dr. Feiz. Ray mentions that Dr. Feiz has shared his personal phone number and email, where Ray can reach him whenever he needs help. This has made a huge difference for Ray, who describes himself as a needy patient. Men considering weight loss surgery, whether lap band, gastric sleeve, or the band to sleeve conversion, would surely benefit from watching a few of Dr. Feiz' videos on his site.

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