Candra now 6 months post-surgery has lost over 75 lbs and continues to lose more on a daily basis. Pre-surgery, Candra had severe back problems, took several pain medications daily, was diagnosed as pre-diabetic,had severe sleep apnea and was hypertensive with blood pressures in the 130s-140s. I remember when I first met Candra, she would tell me that walking for more than 5-10 minutes was a challenge for her. She would be gasping for air, experienced severe pain in her back, knees and would have to sit down for a few minutes before continuing on. Now post-surgery, and 75 lbs lighter, her sugar levels are back to normal, she is now actively working out and has no struggles walking or even running! Candra no longer faces back problems or painful joints and her sleep apnea has resolved giving her more energy daily and a good nights sleep on a regular basis. She is no longer hypertensive and now has blood pressures in the 120s. Candra stated to us pre-surgery that from the day she can remember, she was always overweight, turned to food for everything and was continously teased/verbally attacked because of her weight. Candra was very insecure growing up as a heavy child and teen thus causing her to do home schooling during her vital teen years (junior and senior year of high school). Now with the surgery, all of that has changed. Candra has transformed 100%.