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Aside from the actual decision to seriously explore a surgical solution to their obesity, the next big choice for prospective bariatric patients is the selection of a weight loss surgery center. The reason so many patients and medical professionals recommend Dr. Feiz and Associates boils down to one simple reality: healthy and permanent weight losses achieved for countless patients.

Offering the highest level of medical care to patients throughout Southern California, Dr. Feiz provides outstanding procedures at locations across the southland. His offices are the place for lap band, gastric bypass, and sleeve surgery Rancho Cucamonga residents turn to first for weight loss procedures, and the same applies to the populations of Beverly Hills, Valencia, Huntington Beach, and other locations in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Kern counties.

Weight loss surgeries are often highly complex and the first attempt may not always be wholly successful. Fortunately, additional procedures very often produce the desired results. For example Dr. Feiz has produced outstanding results for numerous initially disappointed patients performing sleeve gastrectomy after lap band procedures that failed to produce sufficient weight gains.

Whatever your individual situation, we think you’ll find that Dr. Michael Feiz is your best choice for weight loss surgery. Few surgeons are as highly regarded or have had such a strong track record in producing the kind of results that vastly improve the health, happiness, and long-term quality of life of countless patients.

For more information on a free initial consultation with Dr. Feiz, call his office or visit his contact page. The doctor and his outstanding support staff are looking forward to hearing from you.

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