For most patients, bariatric surgery presents a path toward weight loss success in the first months and years after surgery. Yet, some patients, particularly those who receive the gastric band procedure, find that they are not losing the amount of weight that they anticipated. While some patients faced with this barrier to success simply give up, others turn to a talented surgeon like Dr. Michael Feiz for band to sleeve revision surgery.

While it is true that no one procedure is right for everyone, the sleeve gastrectomy generally helps patients lose weight quicker than the lap band. For this reason, many patients will turn to Dr. Feiz for a sleeve gastrectomy after lap band surgery with another surgeon. Another reason why some people prefer the sleeve gastrectomy over the lap band procedure is that the sleeve gastrectomy does not involve having a foreign object implanted in the body. Some patients need to get their lap band adjusted because it begins to slip, and many patients switch procedures so they no longer have to deal with that possibility.

If you are currently weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the lap band vs. the gastric sleeve procedure, there is no better expert to speak to than Dr. Feiz. He has years of experience performing both the lap band and the gastric sleeve surgeries, so he knows the ins and outs of each of the two procedures. Revision surgery may not be for every patient, but it takes a consultation with a talented surgeon like Dr. Feiz to know for sure what course of action is right for you.

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