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Constance Mclin - Sleeve Surgery

Hi my name is Constance McLin and in less than 9 months I have lost over 75 lbs and diabetes free!!

"I have been overweight my entire life. I began yo-yo dieting from the age of 6 only to feel so deprived that I would never reach my goal weight, and then sabotage myself into gaining it all back - plus more! Both sides of my family have diabetes and high blood pressure history. *At the age of 56, I was pre-diabetic, on high blood pressure medications, had sleep apnea and a failing thyroid.* It was only a matter of time when my body would start failing. With my brother going blind and father having died this year from his diabetes complications I knew the only way to stop this vicious cycle was to have weight loss surgery. *Today, I am 100% healthy. I am diabetes free, no longer need to take my high blood pressure medications and feel 20 years younger! *It's been the best decision of my life to have the sleeve surgery with Dr. Feiz. Thank you Dr. Feiz & Associates for giving me my life back!"

Constance Mclin Sleeve Surgery
January 14, 2013

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