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In most cases, the LAP Band is a highly effective way to defeat hunger as an obstacle, and achieve weight loss once and for all. There are cases however in which the LAP Band results in other effects. These patients learn the hard way that it wasn’t their ideal surgical solution. Surgery to convert band to sleeve gastrectomy and use a stomach reduction and reshaping approach, rather than a stomach-restricting approach is often the way forward.

While gastric sleeve after LAP Band is indubitably not the most tantalizing option in the short term, the news is not all bad. If you’re planning to convert from band to sleeve gastrectomy, you’ve already gotten past the tough decision-making phase, and you’ve taken steps to change your diet for a post-surgery digestive system. When you convert band to sleeve, you’ll find that the only thing dramatically different is that you’re achieving weight loss results.

Dr. Feiz’s Gastric bypass after SLAP Band or LAP Band surgery after gastric bypass use different approaches but also turn weight loss stagnation into rapid success.

If you’re considering any type of bariatric surgery, Dr. Feiz should be first on your list of surgeons. While it’s important to be diligent in your research, Dr. Feiz is the doctor in Southern California who achieves maximum results with the absolute minimum of invasiveness.

Dr. Feiz is the first to admit that these are major surgeries, but he has dedicated his life to ensuring that he spares his patients the ill effects often associated with them. He has found new approaches involving the latest in surgical technology that allow patients to not only reveal a thinner body, but an almost totally scarless one as well.

Moreover, Dr. Feiz’s patients have never suffered a single mortality from surgical complications.

Contact Dr. Feiz today, or reach him by phone at (310) 817-6911 or (800) 868-5946.

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