If you suffer from obesity, and diet and exercise changes have not helped your medical conditions, you may want to consider either Lap Band or gastric sleeve surgery. But which is better – Lap Band vs. sleeve? Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., can help you.

Dr. Feiz has years of experience with lap band procedures, gastric sleeve surgeries, and even Lap Band revision surgery. His training and experience help him create very small incisions, so that his patients heal faster and with less scarring. Dr. Feiz and Associates will gladly help you decide which type of bariatric surgery is right for you, based on your needs and your doctor’s recommendations.

Obese patients might initially choose the Lap Band to help them lose weight. This surgery involves a rubberband-like device that squeezes the stomach into a smaller shape, allowing the patient to feel full faster after meals. However, some patients still may suffer hunger pangs due to the hormone ghrelin and other factors, and therefore may choose to go back for gastric sleeve surgery instead. This process is called “conversion,” because the surgeon converts the reversible band into a permanent sleeve. Gastric sleeve surgery permanently removes part of the stomach, so the patient simply has a smaller organ. Many patients find better success from this type of surgery, though, because the part of the stomach which produces ghrelin is removed – so not only will patients feel full more quickly during meals, they will feel more satisfied by smaller meals, and less hungry throughout the day. In fact, patients often convert from band to sleeve to help them get to their healthy weight.

Dr. Feiz and his team understand that losing weight is a difficult, long-term process. Most of his patients have tried diet and exercise, but just have not seen success. For patients with a BMI above 40 – or whose BMI is above 35 with obesity-related conditions like diabetes or heart disease – Lap Band or gastric sleeve surgery may be the answer. Contact Dr. Feiz and Associates today to learn more about their professional, skilled surgeons!

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