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Dr. Feiz' Videos Are One Way to Learn about Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Michael Feiz is a weight loss surgeon in Los Angeles who maintains an incredibly informative website that many current and future bariatric patients turn to. This includes an impressive collection of videos, including educational ones about bariatric surgeries, patient testimonials, commercials, videos from Dr. Feiz appearances on popular television shows, and more. Patient testimonials are incredibly popular and, as Dr. Feiz believes, are compelling ways to share information on bariatric procedures like the lap band, sleeve gastrectomy, and even sleeve gastrectomy after lap band.

For example, take the testimonial posted on behalf of Susan, who had the lap band procedure performed in December of 2009 with Dr. Feiz. While this video isn't the most educational about issues like lap band vs. gastric sleeve or nutritional changes, it does reveal the realities of having a weight loss surgery, including many interesting details.

Susan had the lap band placed while getting hiatal hernia treatment. She mentions that the offices of Dr. Feiz and Associates always get back to her when she has a question, saying that she "can call anytime, any day." Some expected and unexpected perks of the surgery include:


  • Her clothes fit much better
  • She enjoys going out more
  • She has fun at her kids' sporting events
  • Her kids even noticed her weight loss


She even mentioned a reality of the procedure. While Susan is glad that she had the procedure, she states that it was slower than anticipated but that she is getting there. Dr. Feiz doesn't want to paint a perfect picture of bariatric surgery and believes this a valuable lesson for prospective patients. A lap band procedure does take work and, with enough effort, the weight will surely come off. In the rare cases that it doesn't, he can perform a band to sleeve revision for interested patients.

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