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Having performed countless bariatric procedures, Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. has noticed that the sleeve gastrectomy has become one of the most popular types of weight loss surgery. What many patients like about the sleeve gastrectomy (also known as the gastric sleeve) is that it only affects the volume, not the type, of food a recipient can comfortably consume.

Other procedures, most notably the gastric bypass, can cause a number of negative gastrointestinal side effects after certain foods that may be fairly starchy or fatty are ingested, even in small amounts. The gastric sleeve, however, simply reduces the stomach's size, effecting weight loss through portion control. While foods that are definitely unhealthy are discouraged with the gastric sleeve – as they are generally for everyone – they don't cause these sometimes very unpleasant side effects when patients chose to treat themselves to a small amount of a very rich or starchy favorite.

The vertical sleeve gastrectomy works by reducing the stomach's size by about 75-85%, which makes patients feel fuller at a faster rate. It also reduces the pangs of hunger that can plague obese people even when they’ve consumed enough food. That’s because the part of the stomach that primarily responsible for the hunger hormone ghrelin is removed as part of the procedure. Dr. Feiz has been a leader in pointing out the gastric sleeve’s effectiveness in combating excessive feelings of hunger.

Of course, it’s also Dr. Feiz' innovative surgical procedures that have helped earn the gastric sleeve much acclaim. Using a method known as micro sleeve surgery, Dr. Feiz can perform the sleeve gastrectomy in a manner that is less invasive and reduces scarring. Combined with his substantial aftercare efforts, Dr. Feiz’s innovations have helped countless patients to live the healthy and active lives they’ve been dreaming of for you.

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