When it comes to medical treatment, having access to the best goes a long way toward ensuring long-term results. Here at Dr. Feiz and Associates, our own Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a leader in his field, and is recognized throughout the country for providing the quality results that patients are looking for. Because severe obesity is a life-threatening issue that brings risks that include, but aren’t limited to heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and cancer, these results are critical for patients looking to improve the quality of their lives and to prolong their lifespan. Even patients who may not know much about bariatric surgery, or the difference between a Lap Band vs. gastric sleeve, have often heard of Dr. Feiz due to his sterling reputation as a highly experienced surgeon as well as his many television appearances.

Our team at Dr. Feiz and Associates prides itself on being able to deliver results that matter. Our team is highly trained, highly experienced, and respected as the go-to choice for bariatric surgery in the Los Angeles area. With our procedures, patients are able to lose the weight they need to ward off the serious health risks associated with severe obesity, increase their lifespans, and enjoy a life free from the countless ill effects of obesity. For patients who have previously undergone weight loss operations with disappointing results, we also offer revision surgery including band to sleeve revision. A sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band that Dr. Feiz regularly performs is also an outstanding option designed to get patients back on track. For true, quality bariatric surgery, look no further.

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