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Dr. Michael Feiz, weight loss surgeon in Beverly Hills, has noted that ghrelin has gotten a lot of press recently. Many studies have pointed out another benefit of the sleeve gastrectomy procedure: it stops the stomach from producing the ghrelin hormone. As with any of the procedures he performs, Dr. Feiz believes that his patients should be well-informed about all aspects of surgery and knowing the full ghrelin definition is part of that.

What is Ghrelin?

ghrelin definitionGhrelin is a hormone produced mostly by the fundus of the stomach (though it is also produced in the brain). The hormone causes our bodies to feel hungry and can also slow our body's ability to lose fat. For many trying to lose weight, ghrelin can be a huge problem as many studies have shown that ghrelin tends to be produced much more after significant weight loss.

How to Decrease Ghrelin in Your Body?

Because of that, people believe that they can lose weight if they simply know how to decrease ghrelin production. There is no way to simply halt the secretion of ghrelin by the stomach or the brain. However, it has been found that a sleeve gastrectomy surgery, which removes the fundus in the stomach, causes a cessation of the ghrelin hormone. Dr. Feiz believes that knowing how to decrease ghrelin in this way can be a pivotal tool in his patients' battles to lose weight.

If this appeals to you, you can meet with Dr. Feiz to discuss your options for weight loss surgery. You can schedule a free consultation at 310-855-8058 where you can openly and compassionately discuss bariatric surgery.

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