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Dealing with severe obesity is difficult wherever you are, but it can be especially hard when you live in an image-conscious society. Fortunately, people from throughout Southern California can take advantage of weight loss surgery in Marina del Rey with Dr. Feiz & Associates. Whether you work with us at Marina Del Rey Hospital or at any of our other Southern California locations, you can rely on Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. and his team of compassionate healthcare professionals to help you defeat severe obesity and begin a happier, healthier new life.

A respected board certified surgeon, Dr. Feiz is an acknowledged expert in minimally invasive procedures and is widely regarded as perhaps the finest bariatric physician in the Greater Los Angeles Area. He has helped countless men and women achieve healthier and happier lives through bariatric procedures and he can help you or someone you love.

Why Weight Loss Surgery in Marina del Rey Works

The moving weight loss surgery success stories of formerly severely obese people from all walks of life tell us a great deal about just how procedures work. When working with an obese patient, family doctors will typically instruct them to eat significantly less food and to exercise more. While this is excellent advice in theory, the reality is that most patients find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to greatly reduce their food intake over the long term. This is because the human body is largely designed to keep us at our present weight, whatever that is. One key aspect of this reality is that severely obese individuals who begin to lose weight are increasingly plagued by hormonally driven feelings that may feel like hunger, ever after they know for a fact that they have consumed more than enough food. Thus, resisting the urge to overeat can become an overwhelming task.

Weight loss surgeries, such as the sleeve gastrectomy, have the ability to attack this problem in two different ways. First, they make the stomach a great deal smaller and overeating becomes very uncomfortable. Secondly, they can actually prevent the nagging pangs of appetite that ruin so many long-term efforts at defeating obesity by actually reducing the body’s production of hunger-inducing hormones. Dr. Feiz has been a leader in promoting awareness of the hormonal benefits of weight loss surgery in Marina del Rey, and he is here to tailor a customized plan of action that will ensure a patient takes the most effective possible path towards winning their battle against obesity.

Getting Started with Dr. Feiz

Dr. Feiz and his entire team are ready to help you at Marina Del Rey Hospital and locations throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area. They are able to provide complete care that includes follow-up guidance to help ensure that patients are able to obtain the best possible results from their procedures. To find out more, please call us at the number on this or reach out to us electronically via our contact page.

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