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Lap Band After Gastric Bypass

Lap Band After Gastric Bypass

When surgical intervention has become necessary in a patient’s weight loss, Lap Band after gastric bypass can sometimes be necessary. Unlike gastric bypass, the Lap Band procedure at Dr. Feiz and Associates generally only requires a single incision and the insertion of a laparoscopic surgical device in order to facilitate the Lap Band apparatus. The recovery time for a Lap Band operation is generally shorter and involves less discomfort, and recovery than gastric bypass.

Patients who have had gastric bypass might wonder why Lap Band surgery might then be necessary. A single gastric bypass procedure may have been inadequate due to certain causes. The possibilities are as follows: 1. The stomach which was meant to be reduced, has expanded back to its normal size, 2. the small intestine started to become more efficient in receiving nutrition, which may sound positive, but is an undesired effect, or 3. other minor complications such as ulcers set in. Getting Lap Band after gastric bypass is something the surgeons at Dr. Feiz & Associates may want a patient to consider.

Patients considering the Lap Band after gastric bypass should consult Dr. Feiz & Associates with their questions and concerns.