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Your health is priceless, but we all know that staying in good health often carries a very specific price tag. It’s therefore only natural that prospective patients are concerned with lap band surgery cost. As a skilled and compassionate physician who has performed countless weight loss surgeries, Dr. Feiz is happy to counsel his patients and prospective patients on dealing with the issue.

Fortunately, lap band surgery cost and other weight loss surgeries are very often covered by insurance, as long as the surgery is deemed medically necessary. At the same time, anyone who has had to deal with healthcare insurance companies knows that obtaining the go-ahead for operations is not always a simple matter. Dr. Feiz and his helpful staff are ready to help patients clear all the necessary hurdles for obtaining lap band insurance. They are also very knowledgeable about the more arcane details of medical insurance and can help patients deal with such often intimidating and confusing details as deductibles and copays.

Everyone at Dr. Feiz and Associates understands how tough finances can be in today’s economy, and they know that monetary issues should never trump health concerns. Of course, if you are uninsured or your insurance does not cover the procedure, lap band cost is often less expensive than you might assume. The most important thing is getting the weight loss surgery you need from one of greater Los Angeles’s most skillful bariatric surgeons.

For further information on the lap band procedure, weight loss surgery, lap band surgery cost, or any other questions, please contact Dr. Feiz’s clinic today.

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