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Lap Band Surgery Los Angeles

Lap Band surgery in Los Angeles is becoming an increasingly popular procedure for people who have tried to lose weight in traditional ways, but with little or no success. Here at Dr. Feiz & Associates, our team of medical professionals, led by the esteemed Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS, has built a solid reputation over years of performing Lap Band surgery in Los Angeles. That said, it is important to meet with our physicians and let them review your medical history, because it may turn out that you are a better candidate for gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass in Los Angeles, both of which are also available at our medical center.

Dr. Feiz is one of the most sought-after specialists for bariatric surgery in Los Angeles, in part because he is one of the select few who offers micro Lap Band surgery. This procedure, possible because of the revolutionary STARR Treatment, allows Dr. Feiz to install the gastric banding device by making only a SINGLE INCISION to the abdominal area. That incredibly non-invasive approach translates into a faster recovery period, less post-op pain, and virtually no visible scarring.

To learn more about our approach to the Lap Band in Los Angeles, contact Dr. Feiz & Associates for additional information on this procedure, and others. You can schedule a FREE initial consultation, or attend one of our FREE informational seminars. Never before has Lap Band surgery in Los Angeles been possible with so little cutting, so little downtime, and so little scarring. The STARR Treatment, in the hands of a skilled surgeon like Dr. Feiz, is truly a game-changer for people looking to lose weight.

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