Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. knows that one of the biggest changes that can occur after a person loses a significant amount of weight isn’t physical, but mental. Once a person has achieved to a weight that they feel is comfortable for their body, all sorts of positive effects may start to take hold. One of these positive effects is often a general improvement in a person’s outlook. And, of course, the reason these weight loss procedures can help a person’s outlook is that they have been proven to break through the roadblocks that make weight loss so difficult for most people.

Weight loss procedures like those available from Dr. Feiz offers a wide range of weight loss solutions for those who are obese and fighting for a happier healthier life. One of these options is to convert a Lap Band to a sleeve, by providing a sleeve gastrectomy after a Lap Band surgery. This would be an important transition for any obese person who tried the Lap Band, but found that the results weren’t what they wanted, or experienced too much discomfort.

In terms of the Lap Band vs. gastric sleeve, Dr. Feiz can help patients figure out what the best course of action is, in order to achieve their weight loss and health goals. For some patients the Lap Band may provide the best option for slowing appetite, whereas for others, the partial removal of the stomach associated with the gastric sleeve can be more helpful. Or, for those who want to transition from the Lap Band to the sleeve, Dr. Feiz offers Lap Band to sleeve revision surgery that can help patients achieve results from one procedure that they weren’t able to obtain from the other.

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