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We've all heard that life is short, but the phrase becomes much more than a meaningless cliché as we get older and realize that genuine opportunities have been lost. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., has helped countless patients to reclaim their life through gastric sleeve, lap band, and other weight loss procedures, and he is here to remind you that now may be the very best time for you to take action.

While the decision to undergo a bariatric procedure should not be taken lightly, there is also no reason to hesitate about contacting a competent medical doctor if you are seriously interested in a weight loss procedure. Indeed, a free seminar at Dr. Feiz and Associates can be an extremely important part of the necessary learning process prior to having a weight loss procedure.

Since not everyone with a weight issue is a candidate for a bariatric procedure, the first question patients need to resolve is whether a bariatric operation is right for them. Once they have decided that a procedure is appropriate, the next step is deciding which specific procedure is best for them. Deciding between the relative pros and cons of lap band vs gastric sleeve or other techniques requires the help of experienced medical personnel such as Dr. Feiz and his team.

As the offices of one of the nation's finest board certified bariatric surgeons, Dr. Feiz and Associates is one of the best places there is to get started on the path to a better life. As the medical offices for a lap band or sleeve gastrectomy Carson, Huntington Beach, Beverly Hills, Encino, and Valencia residents turn to first, there are few better locations to begin taking control of your life.

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