There is a wide range of health benefits (both physical and mental) for patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery. In fact, a well-executed weight loss surgery can result in the termination of type 2 diabetes, the elimination of joint and bone pain, and help with numerous other problems such as sleep apnea and depression. At first, it can seem overwhelming to patients who have to decide between Lap Band vs. sleeve gastrectomy surgeries, but once they’ve been guided by knowledgeable professionals like Dr. Michael Feiz and his top medical team, they soon realize that they’re on the right track toward healthy weight loss.

For many obese people, their discomfort stems from a slower and more labored lifestyle than they’d like. This results in less activity, and can ultimately cause severe issues such as diabetes and depression. Luckily, weight loss surgery can help them to lose weight, become more active, and fight off the problems that plague them and make them feel relatively immobile and inefficient.

And for obese patients who have already undergone ineffective weight loss surgery, the team at Dr. Feiz and Associates can also help with Lap Band revision surgery and all the options related to this procedure. In this case, patients are usually dissatisfied with their results, or have experienced acute discomfort from issues such as nausea. Dr. Feiz can help with these problems by executing a lap band to sleeve conversion surgery, which can help patients to maintain their weight loss results, while simultaneously repairing the issues causing their discomfort.

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