In the middle of the last decade, the Lap Band procedure was the fastest growing bariatric procedure, seen by many as a safer alternative to the gastric bypass surgery. Then, as more doctors and patients became aware of the sleeve gastrectomy, it started to quickly replace the lap band procedure. When comparing the lap band vs. sleeve , patients find that, on average, people lose weight quicker with the sleeve, and it is safer than the gastric bypass. In more ways than one, the sleeve gastrectomy is a happy middle ground, and is seen by more people every day is the most logical bariatric solution.

For this reason, many patients who are dissatisfied with the lap band are electing band to sleeve revision surgery rather than just giving up on their surgical weight loss journey entirely. This is a very smart choice. While there are very reasonable and understandable reasons why someone may want to have their lap band removed, simply giving up and living with obesity is a terrible mistake as it pertains to a person’s long term health.

If you are considering lap band revision surgery, there is no better option than with Dr. Michael Feiz of Dr. Feiz and Associates. He is a board certified bariatric surgeon with over a decade of surgical experience and a zero percent mortality rate across all of his bariatric patients. Additionally, his staff provides exceptional post-operative support to ensure that every patient is immediately put onto the right path toward weight loss success.

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