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The Different Methods of Weight Loss Surgery

If you’ve made the decision to have weight loss surgery, you may have a few pressing questions about the types of surgeries, the process, and the recovery time. With the help of Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., you can have all of your important questions answered. A Talented and compassionate surgeon and his team of outstanding health care professionals can address all of your concerns at a free consultation so that you feel much more comfortable when going into the weight loss surgery process.

One of the most important questions that people ask when going into the surgical process is what surgery to have. The lap band vs. sleeve debate depends on many factors, including medical history and personal preference. The lap band surgery involves placing a band around the stomach to create an hourglass shape that makes you feel full faster. Although this surgery is often extremely effective, some people end up having lap band revision surgery if complications arise. The gastric sleeve procedure involves removing a portion of the stomach. It may seem more drastic, but ultimately very useful.

The entire medical team at Dr. Feiz and Associates are dedicated to making patients feel comfortable during lap band, gastric sleeve, and band to sleeve procedures. The recovery time is relatively quick so that you can go to your new health life in no time. If you have any additional questions about the process, the types of procedures, or any other issue that is concerning you, contact our offices to learn more about a free seminar today.

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