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If you are dealing with severe obesity, you very likely have experienced difficulty reaching a healthy weight and then keeping it off. Maybe you’ve experienced rebound weight gain, so you end up heavier than before you started your diet and exercise routine and, perhaps, even less healthy. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., is one of the leading experts in weight loss surgery on the West Coast. He founded Dr. Feiz & Associates to gather a top team, including nutritionists and medical professionals, so each patient experiences the best results losing weight and keeping it off after their weight loss procedure.

Dr. Feiz is here to discuss which procedures might work best for you, including gastric sleeve vs. Lap Band. For many people, Lap Band is an outstanding choice to help them lose weight. The procedure involves implanting a rubber band-like device around the patient’s stomach, which creates a smaller area for food to be digested. Many people experience great weight loss benefits from this device, but in some rare cases, a surgeon may implant the device too tight or too loose. This means the patient not only doesn’t lose weight like they need to, but may experience side effects like acid reflux and abdominal pain. In other cases, the patient simply doesn’t lose enough pounds.

Dr. Feiz knows these patients want to reach their goal weight, so he has become a leading expert in Lap Band revision surgery. Dr. Feiz removes the band, then performs gastric sleeve after Lap Band removal to create a permanently smaller stomach “sleeve.” Patients continue losing weight, and avoid obesity related diseases while greatly improving their quality of life.

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