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If you suffer from obesity, your doctor has probably put you on a strict diet and exercise regimen. While you intend to follow your prescription to the letter, there’s a hormone that might get in your way.

Ghrelin is a hormone produced in the stomach that sends signals to your brain indicating hunger. As a patient, you may know, in your rational mind, that you’ve had enough calories for the day – unfortunately, ghrelin will tell you otherwise. This hormone causes everything from tiny tummy rumblings to “hangry” panic attacks. Worst of all, this one hormone can undo the hard work you have put in to losing weight.

Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., works closely with weight loss patients to produce the best results. Dr. Feiz and his staff are highly trained in lap band, gastric sleeve, and even band to sleeve revision surgery, and they will gladly discuss how their skills can meet your needs.

Dr. Feiz specializes in Lap Band revision surgery. When patients first undergo weight loss surgery, many opt for the Lap Band – a simple rubberband-like device that wraps around the stomach to create a smaller useable space. Ideally, this means patients fill up faster, but many find that the gremlin ghrelin rears its ugly head, even when they are physically full. Gastric sleeve surgery permanently removes part of the stomach, which may sound serious, but has been the most helpful procedure for many patients who need weight loss help. When part of the stomach is removed, the ghrelin-producing part goes with it – meaning gastric sleeve patients not only feel fuller faster, but feel more satisfied with smaller meals. Many lap band patients choose to have the band removed and undergo gastric sleeve surgery, but Dr. Feiz will discuss the best option – Lap Band vs. sleeve – for you, as his patient.

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