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Tyneda Testimonial

Tyneda Dosek:
"I tried to embrace my obesity and live with being "big boned". Once the scales tipped at 278 pounds, and almost 6 years away from being 40 years old, I knew I needed to make a drastic change. In February 2010 I went to a seminar with Dr. Feiz. I was both intrigued and excited. By September 2010, I was getting my surgery. My Ah Ha moment was when I no longer had to shop in the plus size section.

When I go snowboarding in the winter, I can board all day without getting winded and sore from just one run. I never thought I could have this much energy! Today I am loving life. I have lost 113 lbs and wear a size 10. Dr. Feiz reassured I was doing everything right and I look fantastic. I truly feel like a new person and I thank Dr. Feiz and his team for all their support along my life journey."

Tyneda Lap Band Surgery

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