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If you need to lose weight to improve your health and your life, Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. and his amazing team at Dr. Feiz & Associates can help you. Dr. Feiz has years of training and experience working with bariatric surgery candidates, and wants his knowledge to help you make the right decision for weight loss. Dr. Feiz specializes in all types of bariatric procedure, including Lap Band, gastric sleeve, and band to sleeve revision surgery.

Visit Dr. Feiz and his team to discuss the benefits of Lap Band vs. sleeve procedures for patients, including how the “hunger hormone” ghrelin can affect your ability to lose weight. The basic Lap Band procedure involves the surgeon inserting a band around the patient’s stomach. This creates a smaller useable portion of stomach, so that the patient will feel full after eating less. Many patients choose this surgery at first, because it is reversible. However, they still suffer hunger pangs because of ghrelin.

Gastric sleeve surgery, on the other hand, removes the portion of the stomach that produces ghrelin. The surgery does permanently reduce the size of the stomach organ, unlike Lap Band surgery, but because ghrelin can no longer be produced, patients often find that sleeve gastrectomy works better to help them meet their weight loss goals. Not only do patients feel physically fuller with sleeve gastrectomy, they feel emotionally more satisfied by smaller meals, because ghrelin does not get in their way.

To help these patients, Dr. Feiz specializes in Lap Band revision surgery. He will gladly discuss the pros and cons of all these types of bariatric surgery, so contact him today and discover the best procedure to help you significantly improve your quality of life.

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