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When You Need Gastric Sleeve after Lap Band

If you have a BMI of 40 or over, or 35 with comorbid diseases, you may qualify for weight loss surgery. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., is here to help you. He gathered a highly trained and experienced team at Dr. Feiz & Associates so that he could help patients just like you. He knows how important it is to a person’s health to lose weight and overcome comorbid diseases. He is a leading specialist on the West Coast for Lap Band, gastric sleeve, and even Lap Band revision surgery.

As one of the foremost weight loss surgeons in the U.S., Dr. Feiz is one of the few who specializes in performing gastric sleeve after Lap Band. Most people who receive the Lap Band device experience great weight loss success. However, in a very few cases, a band can slip, or it is installed too tight or too loosely. For the patient, this means they don’t lose weight like they need to, or they experience discomfort or pain. Dr. Feiz can remove the band, and then remove part of the stomach to create the sleeve. In the large majority of cases, this helps the person reach their goal weight safely.

During the very first appointment, Dr. Feiz will help you decide which weight loss procedure is the best for you. He works with each patient to make sure they have information to make the best decision. Often, this means discussing the difference between gastric sleeve vs. Lap Band procedures, but there are other weight loss procedures that can help.  Contact us today to learn more.


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