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There are many types of weight loss surgeries for you to consider, but the most popular two Dr. Feiz thinks you will have to decide upon is: lap band vs. sleeve. The lap band method involves implanting a medical device (such as the LAP-BAND or REALIZE Band) around the stomach to control eating, and the gastrectomy, commonly referred to as gastric sleeve surgery, is an operation which surgically reduces the size of the stomach to limit food intake.

Both procedures have different approaches to weight loss. Although they both limit the amount of food that can be eaten, the lap band operation slows digestion and creates satiety, where the gastric sleeve surgery reduces hunger sensations by eliminating the hunger hormone, ghrelin.

It may be wise to know that you could always go band to sleeve. The lap band procedure is reversible and can also be “upgraded” to a sleeve. Whereas, once you get a gastrecomy, 60-80% of your stomach will be removed. There is no going back.

Dr. Feiz and Associates have had patients from other offices come to them for a lap band revision surgery. Sometimes these patients are actually experiencing physical symptoms as a result of the Lap Band. The Lap Band could slip, leading to an acute condition. The Lap Band could also erode, leading to chronic nausea, vomiting, and infection. These are not common results with the Lap Band, but as with any major surgery, there are potential complications.

The surgeons at Dr. Feiz & Associates have performed this revision bariatric procedure many times, and can help you determine the best course of action to take.

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