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The advance of medical science of all kinds in recent years has been nothing short of astonishing. Dr. Michael Feiz is expert on all kinds of bariatric surgery and sleeve gastrectomy Los Angeles patients trust him absolutely when it comes to this most delicate and potentially life-altering of surgeries. One of the questions he and his outstanding staff encounter most often is which of the available bariatric weight loss surgeries is best for them.

The truth is that, of course, no two individuals are exactly alike. The reasons for obtaining an operation such as sleeve gastrectomy in Beverly Hills at Dr. Feiz’s offices are many, but so are the reasons for obtaining other operations. While all the operations available are safe and effective, the sleeve is, nevertheless, very often the best option. It can be performed with a single incision, making it significantly less invasive than the older gastric bypass. It is also often a more reliable option in terms of results than other popular options such as the lap band, which have the benefit of being reversible.

With a zero mortality rate, Dr. Feiz is the bariatric surgeon for a gastric sleeve Los Angeles patients – and people from around the world – have turned to first for years. When more traditional means of losing weight, such as caloric restrictions and vigorous exercise regimens, have proven ineffective against severe obesity, Dr. Feiz and his outstanding staff should be one of the first places you turn to learn about your options in regards to weight loss surgery.

For more information and to find out about a free consultation, please phone Dr. Feiz's office at 310-855-8058 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you

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