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Bariatric Surgeons Los Angeles | Lap Band Surgical Procedure

There are several bariatric surgeons Los Angeles in who perform Lap Band surgeries. *Choosing an expert in this particular area will greatly reduce your risk of developing complications from the procedure.* Also, don't hesitate to ask questions when you meet with your surgeon. It is your doctor's job to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about the procedure. The Lap Band surgical procedure is becoming more popular each year as thousands of morbidly obese patients seek ways to improve their physical health and general sense of well-being. While surgery can be an effective weight loss tool, the procedure does carry the risk of serious complications. Choosing the right lap band doctor in the Los Angeles area can help you reduce these risks significantly.

Experience is the most important factor when selecting your doctor. Choosing a doctor with little experience in this area can quadruple your risk of developing complications such as infection, pulmonary embolism, bowel obstruction, injury to spleen, or nutritional deficiency. You may even require additional surgery to correct problems caused by the initial procedure. Ask Dr. Feiz and his staff about his or her qualifications and how many surgeries he or she has performed.


A good Lap Band surgeon quickly develops a reputation for excellence. If possible, you should speak to a few of your doctor's previous patients about their experiences. Ask if they experienced any complications from the procedure as well as how the doctor handled their questions and concerns. While every Los Angeles surgeon has the occasional dissatisfied patient, this information should give you a better sense of whether this particular doctor is right for you. Your bariatric surgeon's commitment to meeting your needs should also be a factor in your decision. Any potential surgeon should be willing to answer your questions, explain medical concepts you don't understand, and offer advice about making good lifestyle choices.

Other patients in Los Angeles area can also be a great source of help, too. People who have had the procedure you are considering can share their personal experiences with the recovery process and any surgical complications. They can also provide support that can help you make the lifestyle changes necessary to successfully lose weight.

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