Lap Band Costs

Lots of people are contacting us at Dr. Feiz & Associates with questions about Lap Band costs. Like any major surgery, the Lap Band is not inexpensive. That said, here at Dr. Feiz & Associates, we strongly believe that such a life-changing weight loss solution should not be an option only for the super-rich. For that reason, we offer this sophisticated procedure at an extremely competitive rate. And because obesity can bring with it many serious health risks (so-called co-morbidities), a fair insurance plan should cover the Lap Band costs. To learn more about the Lap Band costs, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Whatever the Lap Band costs, it will likely be the single wisest investment of your life. This revolutionary surgery will help you shed pounds and all without excessive scarring – indeed, you’ll be left with a single scar the size of a freckle or a grain of rice. Unless you go out of your way to tell people about the Lap Band, chances are no one will even know you got one! Take your first step on a journey that will bring you happiness and health you’ve only dreamed of.

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