Lap Band Revision

The lap band has a track record for helping patients lose significant amounts of weight. Weight loss doctors understand however that there are some patients who have the procedure, and then unfortunately do not achieve result. In these cases their doctors evaluate the problem and present alternatives. While no one wants more surgery, it’s important to know that Lap Band revision might be the best option for continuing weight loss. Dr. Feiz & Associates have a reputation for carefully evaluating these cases, and helping their patients, including patients who got Lap Bands elsewhere, and helping patients make the right decision. Increasingly patients considering Lap Band revision choose sleeve gastrectomy, also known as the gastric sleeve.

It is necessary for your doctor to make several determinations about your digestive processes and how your body is responding to the Lap Band. Depending how you eat, and specifically how you swallow, you may not be creating optimal conditions for the lap band to work in its current state, and a lap band revision may help. Sometimes an improvement to the Lap Band’s function is relatively easy, as it can be adjusted. Sometimes, however, surgery is necessary to reposition it.

On the other hand some patients find their stomachs irritated by the Lap Band, or it can be wrong for one of many reasons. In the event that the Lap Band must be removed altogether, sleeve gastrectomy is a form of lap band revision many of Dr. Feiz’s patients choose. It’s important to discuss this and other options with Dr. Feiz at your consultation. The sleeve is just one of several bariatric procedures Dr. Feiz & Associates perform with confidence.

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