Lap Band Surgery

So you’re interested in learning more about the cutting-edge Lap Band surgery offered by the accomplished surgical team at Dr. Feiz & Associates? Good for you! This marks the first step toward incredible weight loss and a new lease on life.

Lap Band surgery is a relatively new and extremely safe weight loss solution. Essentially, what we do is fit a plastic band around the upper portion of your stomach. This band is adjustable (and ultimately reversible, should you choose to no longer continue using it). With the band fitted, the stomach shifts its shape into that of an hour glass. Food particles flow more slowly through your system, allowing you to feel full faster and for a longer period of time. That’s one of the real wonders of Lap Band surgery: you can enjoy amazing weight loss without having surgeons make any cuts to your internal organs. That translates into a much faster and less painful recovery process.

The other amazing thing about the Lap Band surgery performed here at Dr. Feiz & Associates is the minimal post-operative scarring. Most Lap Band surgery procedures are performed laparoscopically, which leaves only a few small scars. But our surgical team here employs a sophisticated technique known as the STARR Treatment, which allows us to perform the Lap Band surgery with only a single incision. With a single scar the size of a freckle, no one will even know you had the Lap Band surgery done!

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