Micro Lap Band Surgery

With advanced techniques and instruments, the accomplished surgical experts at Dr. Feiz & Associates are now able to offer micro Lap Band surgery to their patients. You’ve probably heard about the Lap Band: without having to remove any part of the stomach, the doctors fit a small adjustable band around the upper portion of the stomach and tighten it, reforming the stomach into the shape of an hour glass. In this new shape, food particles filter more slowly into the lower stomach and intestines; this causes the patient to achieve a much faster feeling of satiety, and thus enables them to eat less often and less in each sitting.

With micro Lap Band surgery, you can enjoy amazing results without having to do anything permanent to your body. The band is completely removable, and upon removal, the stomach reverts back to its natural shape. Recovery is quite fast and relatively painless, because no trauma was done to the major internal organs. And because micro Lap Band surgery involves only a single incision to the abdomen, you are left with a scar no larger than a freckle.

Only the most highly trained and experienced surgeons in the nation are using micro Lap Band surgery with their patients. Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS is among the select few who are capable of performing this complex operation. The procedure is extremely safe and has become a popular option for people who are dealing with morbid obesity.

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