Apple Valley Weight Loss Surgery

If you are severely obese and considering the weight loss surgery Apple Valley residents often seek out to deal with this very serious health issue, many doctors would agree that you’re on the right track. The fact of the matter is that the statistics on most attempts at overcoming severe obesity are dismal, but those statistics improve dramatically when a bariatric surgery is added to the mix. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. of Dr. Feiz & Associates is a board certified bariatric surgeon providing service to people in the San Bernardino/Victor Valley area as well as Greater Los Angeles, who has helped countless people to achieve healthier, happier lives with a weight loss procedure.

At the same time, Dr. Feiz is quick to point out that surgery is not a magic bullet – it makes weight loss more possible, not easy. The doctor explains that perhaps the main reason people find it so hard to lose weight and then to maintain the loss has to do with body’s production of certain hormones. Ghrelin, in particular, is responsible for the signals that tell us we need to eat. It is found in higher amounts in obese individuals; even worse, when people lose weight, ghrelin production actually increases! Procedures like the sleeve gastrectomy reduce the size of the stomach by 75 to 85%. While that naturally makes overeating a lot more uncomfortable, the procedure also appears to greatly reduce the body’s production of ghrelin, so that patients have a lot less desire to overeat in the first place.

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